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    Base Panel (AW-BP9636-1/4")


    $111.56/ Piece


    Base panel skin 96"W * 36"H single side finish


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      Product Model AW-BP9636-1/4"
      Celluon Magic Cube The Japanese company Fujitsu has done some incredible research with video projection displays. The most impressive is a projection product that integrates real-world objects. The way it works is that with a simple gesture a book, magazine page or picture can be scanned and then converted into a digital version in the same place, and at the same size as the original. For example, let's say your projector displays four electronic bills on the kitchen table, plus you've got a paper bill that came in the mail. By simply drawing your finger diagonally across the paper, you could digitize the paper bill. You could then toss the paper version and use the electronic one in its place. Another use for the technology is to make paper pictures and documents interactive. For example, advertisers could put codes in ads; when you lay the ad flat on the table and touch the code, interactive videos or coupons or other information could appear to jump right off the page. Fujitsu plans to start selling the product in 2014. Its name and price have not yet been announced.