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    Wall Filler (AW-WF642)


    $84.86/ Piece


    6"W * 42"H * 3/4"D -WOOD


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      Product Model AW-WF642
      When you've got all your materials and tools, follow these steps.1. Pick a pattern. If you’ve chosen tile sheets, then your pattern is set for you. If you want to go with subway tile, lay your tile in a brick pattern. Use tile spacers to help keep your pattern symmetrical.2. Find a starting point. In most kitchens the center of the sink is a good place to start. You want to start in the center and work your way out — this gives you better symmetry when you make it to the ends.This was the starting point we used for this particular backsplash. From here we worked our way around the kitchen. 4. Apply the adhesive. Make sure you can see your center-line starting mark; apply adhesive from that point. Check the working time on the container, but it’s usually OK to spread enough to apply a few tiles (or sheets) on your first row. This first row will sit on your countertop.5. Install the tile. Beginning from your center line, press the tile up against the wall firmly. This creates suction that will hold your tile in place until the adhesive has fully cured. As you work your way around the kitchen, make sure to plan ahead for any cuts you have to make. It’s a good idea to use a pencil and a speed square (a right-angle tool that helps to give you a straight line) to mark your cuts before you make them. Do your best to cover the cut edge and always leave the factory edge exposed. Once you’ve installed the tile, go back and remove any adhesive that has pushed up into your grout lines — you don’t want this showing when you grout your tile.In this picture, tile spacers are being used to apply the tile in a brick pattern.  Notice the adhesive, the tape measure and the speed square — make use of these during installation!