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    Wall Filler (AW-WF330)


    $40.55/ Piece


    3"W * 30"H * 3/4"D -WOOD


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      Product Model AW-WF330
      The low wall at the right side of the home is the exterior side of the kitchen counter seen from across the pool.3. Place the pass-through on the side of the kitchen facing the action! This kitchen is on a corner, and it could just as easily have been the other side that opened up. But facing the pass-through toward the pool means that the person cooking faces the party, and there's plenty of room for the guests outside to come right up to the kitchen, which is where everyone at a party wants to be anyway. 4. Pay attention to the difference between indoor and outdoor flooring levels. It is ideal if your outdoor and indoor floor levels are the same or no more than about 6"- 8" lower for the outdoor level. If the indoor and outdoor flooring is at the same height, then your counter will still be "counter height" outdoors. If your ground level outside is 6" to 8" lower, then you will find that your counter will be "bar height" on the outside. It occurs less often, but if you actually have a backyard a little higher than your interior floor level, then consider having a 6" to 8" backsplash above your kitchen counter with the window above that and attach the outside counter at the bottom of the window. Differences in heights greater than this make it very inconvenient to reach up or down with loaded plates. 7. Store party supplies close at hand on the inside for quick access.8. Arrange the kitchen layout to provide lots of clear counter space next to the pass-through. If you can place your kitchen sink and stove away from the pass-through, then you'll have a nice deep counter area that can work as a large buffet area for parties.