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    Spice Rack Pull Out Cabinets (AW-BSPR12)


    $456/ Piece


    12"W * 24"D * 34-1/2"H


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      Product Model AW-BSPR12
      In a spare cabinet. This option is such an easy DIY fix. I used it in my own kitchen to keep the appliance out of the way between occasional uses.Pro: Like an integrated style, this setup lets you put the microwave at a convenient height (or in an underused cabinet to save space), at little cost.Cons: Neat freaks will be annoyed when others leave the door open or leave crumbs in the crannies. Also, opening the cabinet door might be a bothersome extra step for those who use the microwave very frequently.Construction considerations: If a suitable cabinet exists, the only difficulty typically will be drilling a hole for the wiring to reach an existing plug, making this a relatively easy DIY project. If you plan for this during construction, a plug could be provided inside the cabinet to avoid visible cords. Check your microwave user guide to ensure that the open door will provide sufficient heat ventilation. 5. Over the range. Not always the most beautiful option, as opposed to a sleek hood fan, but effective for making the most of limited space.Pro: Microwave and hood-fan combos do double duty to save space in a compact kitchen. Cons: If the microwave is too high, reaching and seeing in will be difficult for many users. It also replaces a sculptural range hood for a somewhat less elegant look, and typically is not as effective at venting.Construction considerations: It’s best for the microwave and range finishes to match, so try to source the two components from the same manufacturer. After that, installation is pretty straightforward and usually takes a few hours, depending on how long it takes to remove an existing range, hood and microwave, and whether or not cutting needs to be done to counters and cabinetry to make the new units fit.