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    Pantry Cabinet Double Door (AW-PC2496)


    $994.44/ Piece


    24"W * 24"D * 96"H


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      Product Model AW-PC2496
      Special considerations:  Colored concrete can be created by one of three processes:Integral pigment is a colored powder that's mixed into the wet concrete, resulting in a color that penetrates the full depth of the slab.  This is a permanent and predictable way to color your slab, and the color choices are nearly limitless.Acid staining is less predictable than an integral pigment but adds a little magic to the process courtesy of metallic salts that react with the concrete. Acid staining is performed on hardened slabs and results in a permanent color change, but offers a reduced number of color options.Dye, a liquid available in a wide range of colors, is applied to cured slabs and penetrates only the top layer of the concrete. Some dyes are not UV stable.Your installer can help determine which, if any, color process is right for you. Sustainability: The cement in concrete is derived from heating limestone, which is a carbon-intensive process that creates gas emissions. However, slag cement, fly ash and silica fume — all industrial waste by-products that are carbon neutral — can replace more than 50 percent of the cement, reducing emissions and improving the concrete's ecofriendliness.More: Compare kitchen counter materials