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    2 Doors 3 Drawers Vanity (AW-4221DL)


    $523.6/ Piece


    42"W * 21"D * 34-1/2H"


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      Product Model AW-4221DL
       Fit it in. Here is another great example of making the most of nooks and crannies with cleverly designed cabinets. This traditional home boasts a beautiful old brick fireplace that is no longer used for its original purpose. Building a cabinet to house the ovens, and putting additional storage drawers in the opening, not only makes optimal use of the space available in this room, but it also creates a stunning visual feature. The well-placed island provides counter space on which to put hot roasting pans as they come out of the oven. A space like this could also be used for pantry storage. Small Change Design and Construction

       Utilize a bulkhead. This kitchen takes the concept of using every available inch of space to a whole new level. A bulkhead is often essential above kitchen cabinets to conceal unsightly beams, air conditioner ducting, range hood ducting or plumbing pipes from upstairs. Sometimes it can be possible to steal back some of that space and use it as additional storage. Here, open shelves have been incorporated into the bulkhead area. Not only do they create additional storage space, but they also add an interesting design feature to the kitchen. The inclusion of a library ladder can be dangerous when young children are about, however. It isn’t essential, though, particularly if you have space to store a step stool or  small ladder close to the area. Penman Brown Interior Design

       Move outside. When space in the kitchen is tight and already packed with essentials, it is sometimes necessary to look further afield for additional storage. These cabinets in a small outdoor kitchen area are a clever way to create additional storage space as well as a place to house a barbecue and outdoor sink. Use these cabinets to store everything you need for the barbecue, such as utensils, large serving platters, outdoor tableware and cleaning supplies. This frees up valuable storage space in the kitchen and makes barbecues more pleasurable.