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    3 Drawers Vanity (AW-VDB12-3)


    $436.6/ Piece


    12"W * 21"D * 34-1/2H" -3DRA


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      Product Model AW-VDB12-3
      Colors and finishes. If you’re concerned that handleless kitchens come in a limited range of styles, don’t be: Not only do handleless designs come in a large range of colors, but available finishes also include gloss, glass, matte, curved and wood options, including rough-cut wood, as seen here. As mentioned earlier, with a true handleless option, your fingers won’t touch the front of a door as you open it. However, if you’re still worried about fingerprints — especially if you have small children in the house — it’s worth noting that prints will show less on lighter, matte or textured finishes compared with glossy dark tones. LWK Kitchens London

      Handleless appliances. As handleless styles have evolved, so too have kitchen appliance options. To complement the sleek look of handleless kitchens, many integrated ovens, microwaves and cooktops now exude “cleaner” exteriors; they have slimmer profiles and fewer controls — which also makes them easier to use.Fridges, freezers, dishwashers and washing machines have followed suit, and they’re now available with handleless doors. You can even get dishwashers with an “auto open” function, which means that the door pops open as soon as the cycle finishes, without you even touching it. For the few appliances where the true handleless system isn’t compatible, such as a cabinet above a ventilator fan, you can opt for a push-to-open door mechanism instead. Number Eighty One

      Other types of handleless cabinets. In addition to the true handleless system, there are the popular push-to-open doors just mentioned.  Some kitchen companies also offer a J-groove, or J-pull system, pictured. On the plus side, these last options are generally less expensive than a true handleless design, but they can require more frequent cleaning, as the channel can collect dust, crumbs or splashes that spill over the front edge of the counter. With a true handleless style, this can’t happen. J-grooves are also quite shallow and not very forgiving for long fingernails or larger fingers.   Depending on the quality of the door, the surface is also more susceptible to chipping or cracking.