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    Wall Blind Cabinet (AW-WBC2736)


    $402.64/ Piece


    27"W * 36H" * 12"D


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      Product Model AW-WBC2736
      The cooking zone. The kitchen cook zone typically contains the oven(s), stove, extractor, warming drawer(s) and any other cooking-related appliances. Ideally, the cook zone should sit adjacent to the prep zone, as pictured, or opposite it. You should easily be able to lift newly prepared food into a pan or place it in the oven from your prep work surface. Importantly, this will mean there will be less distance for hot food to travel back to the countertop from the oven or stove — safer for both you as the cook and other household members, since you won’t have to cross a kitchen while carrying hot food. Cleaning zone. The wash zone typically includes the sink and dishwasher. Around 20 percent of our time in the kitchen is spent clearing up after ourselves, yet there’s no fun in this, so it pays to plan an efficient setup, letting you finish up quickly and get back to relaxing.Ideally, your wash zone should be separated from the prep and cook zone, although having your trash and compost bins within reach of the sink and dishwasher makes it easy to scrape, rinse and load plates. Similarly, wall cabinets should be within arm’s reach, making unloading a dishwasher full of mugs, plates and glassware an easy task. If your kitchen design means you’ll avoid traipsing back and forth across the room carrying things, you’ll be done faster. It will also be safer, since there’s less risk of breakage or someone’s tripping over an open dishwasher door.