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    36" Width Bridge Cabinet (AW-W3615)


    $213.44/ Piece


    36"W * 15"H * 12"D


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      Product Model AW-W3615
      First, remove all the items from the shelves and put anything you don't want in your donation box.1. Clean• Thoroughly attack that pantry with a feather duster, starting with the ceiling (look out for spider webs in the corners) and moving down until you get to the floor. • Inspect shelves for food stains and crumbs. Give them a thorough wipe-down with soap and water.• If you want to make this project take all weekend, by all means, repaint your shelves and wallpaper that pantry. If not, use a Magic Eraser or line the shelves with contact paper.• Mop the floor 3. Tackle ProblemsProblem: Items shoved in the back of the pantry are never seen or heard from again. Solution 1: Put things you rarely need back there, like extra mixing bowls and rarely used appliances and serving pieces. Label the front of the shelf to remind you that those things are back there.Solution 2: Invest in having some drawers installed. My "pantry" is actually just a deep freestanding cabinet, and I am saving up to install drawers that roll out like the ones you see in this image.