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    36" Width Bridge Cabinet (AW-W3621)


    $257.12/ Piece


    36"W * 21"H * 12"D


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      Product Model AW-W3621
      Consider safety. A safe distance for your kitchen island also includes the right amount of clearance between the island and opposing cabinets and appliances, so that all doors, drawers, ovens and dishwashers can be opened safely and without obstruction. Potentially the most dangerous item is always the dishwasher door.  These doors open downward, so if you walk past, you risk tripping, falling and hurting yourself or others — particularly dangerous if you’re carrying knives or hot food.  As such, it’s best to leave more space.  The minimum distance you should allow between two fully extended drawers on opposing runs is about 3 feet (900 millimeters). Squeeze an island into a smaller kitchen. Islands can vary in size and shape, but the minimum recommended size of a fixed kitchen island is about 40 by 40 inches (1,000 by 1,000 millimeters), as pictured above. Although small, these dimensions still allow for a practical working island, including the option of integrated appliances. An island of this size would require a minimal clearance zone of 31½ inches (800 millimeters). This is the smallest possible distance for safe and unobstructed passage. A clearance zone of this distance would be suitable for one person working in the kitchen but not, ideally, for two, as the space would feel cramped and could be hazardous.Add a kitchen cart to a small kitchen