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    30" Width Bridge Cabinet (AW-W3024)


    $252.24/ Piece


    30"W * 24"H * 12"D


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      Product Model AW-W3024
       A Note on General ContractorsIt can be challenging to get a good general contractor on board when executing a remodel in stages. The ones with sterling reputations are generally busy, and it’s not ideal from their perspective to allow time to lapse between steps. They want to get in and get out, then move on to the next job. Plus, who’s to say you won’t change your mind in six months or not have the financial means to execute the next stage of your remodel? So you are left with two options. Manage your own job, or find a contractor willing to take it one step at a time with significant breaks in between. If your job is extensive, you really need to do some soul searching before deciding to be the general contractor on your own job. There are many who can handle the task, but if you have no experience, there is great potential that it will end up costing you. There are contractors willing to break a job up in stages, but you’ve got to have a high level of trust due to risk factors, including the contractor being unable to finish the job months later, or overbilling in the early stages.Find a Pro