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    30" Width Bridge Cabinet (AW-W3015)


    $198.88/ Piece


    30"W * 15"H * 12"D


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      Product Model AW-W3015
      Materials:  Accessories can be anchored to drywall, plaster, wood, sheet metal, stone and tile (ceramic,  porcelain or glass) backsplashes. For starters you’ll need a level, masking tape, a marker, plastic anchors, protective eyewear and a variable-speed drill with the appropriate drill bit. Depending on the weight of your installation, you may need a stud finder to locate studs for anchoring support. A regular drill bit is fine for drywall, but wood, metal and tile all require their own specialized bits. Drill bits with ground tungsten carbide or diamond tips are the best for tile. They are both designed to puncture the tile with a cone-shaped hole. Drill bits with carbide tips need to be used at low speeds. However, diamond tips need to be cooled by water or cutting oil (available at a plumber’s supply store) to prevent the tips from heating up and causing the tile to shatter. Drill bits with diamond tips are more expensive but last longer.There are different approaches for drilling already installed tile. Here’s a common method: 1. Mark the spot you want to drill into with an “X” made of masking tape. Mark with a marker the exact spot where you want to drill. The tape will keep the drill bit from skating across the tile glaze.2. Dip the drill bit in a small bowl of cutting oil (available at a plumber’s supply store) and wipe the excess off with a rag. 3. Place the bit perpendicular to the drilling location. Drill very slowly to start, about two revolutions per second, and increase speed slightly. Drilling too fast will overheat the surface and cause the tile to crack.4. Stopping every 15 to 30 seconds to cool the drill bit in the cutting oil, keep drilling until the tile is punctured by applying medium pressure. 5. Insert a plastic plug and anchoring hardware per the manufacturer’s directions. Linero Backsplash Storage