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    Glass Door Wall Cabinet (AW-W3030GD)


    $347.6/ Piece


    30"W * 30"H * 12"D


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      Product Model AW-W3030GD
      Insufficient counter space where needed. A lack of countertop space, or counters not being positioned where you need them, is a common design problem. It can also prove to be one of the most frustrating, since your counter is needed for just about every activity you’ll carry out in your kitchen.The countertop forms part of the kitchen workflow, so this will help to determine where and how much of it you need. A common mistake is not leaving sufficient space next to or opposite a fridge or an oven. With a fridge, this counter space is merely convenient, but having space next to or opposite an oven and a cooktop, as seen in this scheme, is also important for safety. This way, you shouldn’t find yourself carrying piping-hot food across your kitchen, looking for a counter on which to set it down.  During planning, it’s important to think about all the ways in which you currently use, or intend to use, your countertops.  For example, you may want space for more than one person to cook at once, or maybe an area where your partner can sit and chat to you while you cook, or it may be important to include somewhere for the kids to do their homework. Badly spaced cabinets and appliances. It’s important that cabinets and appliances, while well-positioned for easy use, are also well-spaced. For example, walkways should be about 36 inches wide so that doors and drawers can open clear of one another. Similarly, they shouldn’t be too far apart: For the sake of a smooth workflow, you shouldn’t have to take more steps between appliances than is necessary.  Similarly, it’s important not to place wall ovens and microwaves so high that you can’t safely remove hot food from them. Think also about which way your cabinet and appliance doors open. For maximum ease of use, and where it’s possible, these should swing according to the surrounding kitchen space.