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    Base Panel (CS-BP9636-1/4")


    $111.56/ Piece


    Base panel skin 96"W * 36"H single side finish


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      Product Model CS-BP9636-1/4"
      6. At a drinks station. A smart option for a butler’s pantry, basement bar station or other secondary food-prep space. Pros: Moving the microwave to a side station puts it near the coffee machine for quick breakfasts or snacks, and away from the primary chef in a busy household.Con: It’s not ideal to have the only microwave far from the fridge or main prep space if it’s used often for cooking. Construction considerations: The typical construction issues will apply depending on how the microwave is mounted.  When the microwave is the only visible major appliance, consider featuring it as an accent instead of hiding it. Kitchens by Peter Gill

      7. In an appliance garage. An excellent, trendy option for those who wish to hide multiple appliances between uses.Pro: Keeps small appliances hidden at counter height for ease of reach.Con: Uses extra space as opposed to simply keeping items on the counter. Construction considerations: A short stretch of counter can be turned into an appliance garage retroactively, although the very best option would be an extra-deep counter (30 inches rather than 24 inches) to leave usable space in front. If you’re adding a door after, use a contrasting finish (like metal) if you can’t match your existing paint, or the style will be off. Expect to pay $150 to a few hundred dollars for a standard model — during or after construction. Robin Heard Design

      8. In the island. Keeps the microwave out of sight without completely covering it up, and makes strategic use of the island, which can often otherwise end up as odds-and-ends storage.Pros: Saves the main cabinets for storage. Also, you can position the microwave away from the main cooking area, so someone who isn’t doing the main cooking can use it without worrying about bumping into the one who is.  Con: A low microwave will be harder to reach, especially if the counter has a deep lip. Construction considerations: If your island is being built out of lower cabinets, a microwave cabinet won’t cost much extra, but you will need electrical run to the island, making this tricky to add to an existing island.