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    Lazy Susan Base Cabinet (CS-LS3312)


    $708.24/ Piece


    33"W * 34-1/2"H


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      Product Model CS-LS3312
      Maximize an efficient work space. Whatever the size, a well-planned U-shaped kitchen design will ensure that only a limited number of steps are needed between cabinets and appliances. This makes the kitchen a much safer place during cooking, especially when other people are present. In addition, having generous counter space and storage means everything’s within reach and easily tidied after use to maintain a clean and uncluttered look. This is true even in really small U-shaped kitchens, such as this one, which is less than 9 by 7 feet, including 28 inches between opposing runs. Space may be limited, but there’s still a generous number of cabinets in the design. Jackson Design & Remodeling

      Incorporate corner storage. As mentioned, one of the great advantages of a U-shaped kitchen is that having three runs of cabinetry provides ample opportunity for storage. Having said that, the two corners in a typical U-shaped kitchen take up significant floor space. So to achieve an ergonomically sound design, it’s important to select a specialist kitchen corner solution, such as a carousel or LeMans corner unit (seen here, and so called because its shape and curves are reminiscent of the famous French racetrack). These make use of the otherwise dead space within corner cabinets. Without these options, you’d lose this space or the back of your cabinets would be extremely difficult to access. Matteo Bianchi Studio

      Slot in a peninsula. Small U-shaped kitchens can be restricting, particularly if there’s no space for a table and chairs. But sometimes it’s possible to arrange the U shape so that one of the legs extends into open space (even if this means restructuring to take down a wall). While you would lose the upper cabinets, the lower cabinets could then form a highly efficient kitchen peninsula. You could add stools to make the space more sociable, and it would offer a useful platform for dining, working or socializing. Alternatively, you may put your sink or range in this area. Peninsulas can be great for open-plan spaces and offer a physical separation between the kitchen and living room, which a lot of homeowners desire. While a peninsula is usually located on an end run, it’s also possible to have seating across the back of the middle run, as pictured here.