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    Pantry Cabinet Single Door (CS-PC1890)


    $800.4/ Piece


    18"W * 24"D * 90"H


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      Product Model CS-PC1890
      Polished PlasterThere are many reasons to choose a polished plaster backsplash, not least because it can be specified in almost any color. “Texturally, it can range from highly polished and smooth to rough and weathered,” says Charlie Borthwick of Cue & Co of London. “It also doesn’t have to be one flat color; veining can be introduced to add depth and interest.” Pros: It’s easy to maintain and needs minimal care once installed — simply wipe it down.Cons: Although polished plaster is fairly hard wearing, accidental chips cannot be repaired. “If this is a concern, use your worktop material to create an upstand — a small skirting around the edge of the worktop — to help protect the plaster,” Borthwick says. SaveEmail

      CompositeComposite (or solid-surface) materials, such as Corian and Hi-Macs, are usually made from a blend of one-third resin and two-thirds natural mineral. Available in a diverse color range, they also offer extraordinary design flexibility and can be seamlessly molded into angles and curves, so there’s no seam between the countertop and backsplash. This makes them easy to keep clean and hygienic, because there are no seams where dirt can gather. Pros: Composites are nonporous, easy to care for, hygienic and durable. Joints are inconspicuous, providing a seamless surface. Cons: Composite materials such as Corian can be scratched, but very often scratches can be sanded out. Also, “Corian is not heat resistant, so you can’t install it behind a gas [cooktop],” Hendrick says. LWK Kitchens London

      LaminateIf your budget won’t stretch to a natural stone backsplash, consider laminate. It is not only affordable, but it comes in numerous colors and finishes designed to look like real wood or stone. Although laminates don’t offer the same sense of luxury, high-definition printing and textural innovation mean they can look and feel increasingly realistic.  Pros: Easy to keep clean and water resistant, laminate is a hard-wearing and affordable choice for a kitchen backsplash. “Match it to other finishes in your kitchen so it becomes part of the whole color scheme rather than just a statement feature,” says Diane Berry of Diane Berry Kitchens. Cons: Laminate is not suitable for use behind a gas range because of the open flames, and Berry also  recommends a gap of at least 4 inches (10 centimeters) between a laminate backsplash and any other kind of stove. “You also need to make sure it’s installed well, particularly around wet areas, to stop water soaking into any joints, just as you would a laminate worktop,” she says.