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    Glass Door Wall Cabinet (CS-DCW2430GD)


    $435.6/ Piece


    24"W * 30"H * 12"D


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      Product Model CS-DCW2430GD
      Grouping storage together and overlaying an ordered grid of door openings, as in this example, achieves an understated simplicity. This not only looks well thought out, but it’s also a budget-conscious solution to storage. By selecting a single cabinet module and putting it to work everywhere, you simplify not only the design and appearance but the ordering, installation and hardware selection. It goes without saying just how much we architects and designers love ordered systems. Specht Architects

      2. Cabinetry as ArchitectureWonderfully inventive, this project employs the cabinetry kit of parts for an entire range of architectural elements. The complete integration of cabinetry forces one to consider just where the cabinetry ends and the architecture begins.The seamless nature of a project like this makes it the most expensive to incorporate, because it often involves all of the infrastructure we so easily conceal in roughly framed walls — things like structural columns and plumbing, electrical and mechanical systems. The upside is that the finished product feels engaged with the architecture in ways that other solutions can’t.Storage in the risers, integral seating, workspaces, closets — the amount of custom accommodation for function is remarkable here given the small floor area. Specht Architects

      One can see from this vantage point just how cleverly the architect has concealed an enviable amount of storage beneath this stair. The stair stringers, the sloping wood framing supporting the stair, are set back from the face of the cabinet doors. This allows the cabinet doors to follow the rectangular sawtoothed profile of the treads and risers and not the angular underside of the stringer. When the doors are closed, they form an understated patchwork on the face of the wall and complement the architecture of the room.