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    36" Height Double Doors Wall Cabinet (CS-W3636)


    $397.8/ Piece


    36"W * 36"H * 12"D


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      Product Model CS-W3636
      Cabinet ScheduleYou may be replacing cabinets, you may be refinishing them or you may be letting them be. In a staged remodel, the key is to make that determination early. If some cabinet demo is necessary, don’t demo cabinets until the new ones are ready to install.It’s advisable to have a cabinet plan with designs completed before the start of your job. For custom cabinets it can take six weeks or more from the time cabinets are ordered before they are ready to install. You need to build this time into your schedule so you are not stuck with unexpected delays, minimizing the time you have to live in a nonoperational kitchen.Cabinet measure, in which the cabinetmaker measures the existing space the cabinets will fill, typically cannot be completed until all rough work is completed. The reason for this is that cabinets need to precisely fit their spaces and accommodate  architectural features, and cabinetmakers know finished spaces do not always end up precisely matching the original plan dimensions. Take-away: In a staged remodel, refinishing existing cabinets, possibly replacing cabinet doors and drawers, is the most cost-effective way to improve the look of a kitchen, and it can be executed as a rather painless phase of a staged job over time.See more on getting the cabinets you want Pasquale Design Associates, Inc.

      Tile and Slab ScheduleThe biggest scheduling conflicts with tile and slab usually involve material delays. You can help avoid this by finalizing your design early in the process, with full selections for backsplash, slab and, if required, flooring. These selections, in coordination with accurate designs and timely deposit payments, go a long way toward avoiding delays in this category. Some tiles are readily available at big box or other hardware stores, while other custom tiles may require months of lead time to manufacture. This is not something you want to leave to the last minute, as a likely one-week tile install could take months if the installer is waiting on material.Take-away: Tile and slab replacement is also a step that can stand on its own as a significant phase of a staged remodel, and it makes a huge impact on the look of a kitchen at a reasonable cost. SaveEmail

      Flooring ScheduleWhether it’s hardwood or tile, kitchen flooring replacement is relatively painless and can stand alone as a significant phase of a staged remodel. In most custom kitchen remodels, flooring is installed after cabinet installation. You will want to consider this carefully, study the difficulty of your existing flooring demolition and confirm whether the existing floor abuts the existing base cabinets or the existing cabinets are set atop the flooring. If the flooring abuts the cabinets, it makes replacing the flooring without replacing cabinets easier, but demolishing a tough-to-remove existing floor, like tile set on a concrete slab, can be difficult without causing some damage to the finish of existing cabinets.Take-away: Plan to install flooring after cabinets, but consider protection of cabinets and pre-existing circumstances carefully.