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    36" Height Double Doors Wall Cabinet (CS-W2736)


    $315.32/ Piece


    27"W * 36"H * 12"D


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      Product Model CS-W2736
      AFTER: They located the new dishwasher in a better position, to the left of the sink, and replaced the linoleum floors with hardwood. They chose white cabinets to make the most of the small amount of light coming through the one window, and then semicustomized them to include glass fronts and a wine rack. The countertops are granite.They were also able to customize pullout spice racks flanking the cooking range. Before Photo


      BEFORE: The old phone on the wall gives a clue to the time period the house was stuck in. The McCombs weren’t exactly sure what to do with the built-in mail table that had a pop-out top. “You couldn’t sit there,” Kate says. “Or you wouldn’t want to anyway. It didn’t make sense. But we did like the idea of a cabinet there.” SaveEmail

      AFTER: So they turned the corner into usable space that was less invasive, storing cookbooks and including a message center there. Kate painted the back wall in chalkboard paint. The McCombs went into the project looking to spend around $20,000 and ended up spending about $24,000. Here’s the breakdown: Labor: $10,000. The McCombs had to spend a bit more in this category than they expected to update all the outdated electrical systems.Appliances and countertops: About $5,000. They saved in this category by purchasing floor models so that they could splurge on better cabinets.Cabinets: Around $9,000General contractor: MLC Associates Browse more ideabooks about kitchen design