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    36" Height Double Doors Wall Cabinet (CS-W2436)


    $286.2/ Piece


    24"W * 36"H * 12"D


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      Product Model CS-W2436
      Sizes and expectations: Poe explains, “When I plan for spices in any of my kitchen projects, I always make sure to ask my client what kinds of spices and sizes of jars they use. I want to be sure that they are aware of how their new spice rack will work for them. Not all spice racks can accommodate large jars of minced onion or a tall bottle of oil. It’s important for me to be sure that we have the right size and amount of space for all different varieties.”Poe says she likes to specify the 6- or 9-inch-wide spice shelves when she can, but she knows from personal experience that even the 3-inch-wide option can handle a good number of spices (she has one in her own kitchen). However, she does tend to discourage clients from using the pullouts in 12-inch-deep wall cabinets, because they don’t hold a lot of spices and the higher shelves are often challenging to reach. Tramontin adds that in a wall cabinet installation, the maximum height of a pullout shelf is typically 30 inches. Mitchell Construction Group

      Location: One concern that is brought up repeatedly when pullout racks are located near the cooking area is whether the quality of the spices is diminished because of their proximity to heat and humidity.Many designers opt to install two pullout shelves in base cabinetry, flanking a cooktop or range but usually not an oven. When the shelf is installed in base cabinetry on opposite sides of a range or cooktop, the heat is concentrated at the countertop level (and upward) and is far enough away from the shelf. However, in a pullout shelf installed next to an  oven, the quality and longevity of the spices could be affected. Kitchens By Design

      Similarly, a pullout shelf integrated into a pillar flanking a hood would need to be several inches away from the cooking surface, as in this example.More:The 15 Most Popular Kitchen Storage Ideas on HouzzSee more Great Home Projects