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    Wall Filler (SE-WF696)


    $212.16/ Piece


    6"W * 96"H * 3/4"D -WOOD


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      Product Model SE-WF696
      Position the sink and cooktop. If the sink sits in the middle run of a U-shaped layout, then your stove can be located on either of the other runs. However, if these two runs vary in length, the longer wall would usually house the range to allow more space on either side of it. Meanwhile, if the sink is on a run other than the middle one, as pictured here, we would try to ensure a continuous flow of countertop from this point onward, and around the U. So if you were including tall cabinets, this would mean locating them together at the farthest end of the cabinetry run (as in this kitchen). This deliberate spacing ensures that the counter isn’t interrupted and  the kitchen’s functionality (in the form of a galley layout) is unhampered. Hide less-than-lovely features. U-shaped kitchens can also be designed so they mask less attractive kitchen components and appliances behind taller cabinetry. For example, sinks, draining boards and microwaves (freestanding or otherwise) are not always a kitchen’s best features, but through foresight in planning, they can be obscured from sight. This is particularly beneficial in an open-plan kitchen.  For example, in this kitchen, if you were seated at the dining table and facing the kitchen, the built-in microwave would be hidden from view by the protruding tall cabinet next to it.