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    Base Filler (SE-BF636)


    $93.48/ Piece


    6"W * 34-1/2"H * 3/4"D -WOOD


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      Product Model SE-BF636
      Design 101Cabinet designers need to balance two things: style and function.With garage cabinets, for example, storage and function are probably much more important than style. For a powder room vanity, the function (a place to wash your hands) is easily achieved, and style becomes the more important factor, which is why we see such a wide variety in powder room vanity styles. They all meet the functional criteria, but the look is limited only by the imagination. In just about all other areas of the home, we see more of a balance between the functionality of the cabinets and the look and feel of the space. A good cabinet designer understands the basic functional requirements for different types of cabinets (media, kitchen, display) and fulfills them with seeming effortlessness while also providing fresh design.Find cabinet professionals near you Style BasicsWhen you factor in all the stylistic possibilities for a cabinet plan, the sky is the limit. But we can break the choices down into a few general categories. (We’ll also review these details in more depth in a future article.)Cabinet construction style. This basically relates to the method of construction and the type of frame created for the body of your cabinets. Basic construction styles include face frame cabinetry (with 1½-to-2-inch-wide stile and rails, also called border frames) and Euro style (with no frame around the edge of the cabinet box). There are variations on these styles, such as basic overlay, mini-frame (which achieves a look similar to Euro style) and inset door construction.Door styles. The basic cabinet door styles include Shaker, beaded, flat, raised panel and arched, but there are really too many to name here, from traditional to modern to everything in between. Just know that door style makes a huge impact on the look of your cabinets. Material type. Your material choice matters greatly to the look of stained cabinets, while for paint-grade cabinets, solid wood material relates more to the quality of construction. Stained oak, cherry and alder are three commonly used materials (there are many others) and each takes stain and shows wood grains differently.Finish. This is the paint or stain coating applied to finish the cabinet veneer. Your finish might be painted or stained and might have a heavy sheen (even an automotive-quality finish) or a duller, distressed look (sometimes with grooves and scratches purposely applied to the cabinets to make them look old). The most typical sheen level is semigloss or satin.These decisions, combined with other possible design elements — such as cabinet shape, height, added moldings and countertop material (slab or tile countertops are not typically considered to be cabinetry, but have a great impact on the usability and look of the cabinet) — all contribute to cabinet style, and are certainly among the most influential on the look of your home.