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    Valance (SE-VAL48)


    $116.44/ Piece


    3/4"D * 6"H * 48"W


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      Product Model SE-VAL48
      Choose your essentials. Instead of focusing on what to get rid of, choose to look at clearing clutter in a positive light, and ask yourself this: What do I love and use in my kitchen? Focus on clearing prime space (top drawers and easy-to-reach cabinets) for the pots, pans, tools and dishes you use daily. Highly specialized cooking gadgets have their place (and if there’s one you love and use, by all means keep it!), but allowing these items to take up space front and center will only make it harder to work in your kitchen. Rethink nooks and corners. If your kitchen is compact and galley-style, this may not apply — but if you have a bit more space to play with, take a moment to consider how you are using that space. It’s clear how the main work area of the kitchen should be used (for cooking, chopping and washing up), but when it comes to the nooks and corners, it’s really up to you. Think about what you want from this space: a nook to read, a tidy desk to pay bills, an art corner for your child? Let yourself daydream a bit, and note down what you come up with.