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    Wall Decrative Door (SE-MWEP1236)


    $111.56/ Piece


    Matching wall fake door 11-3/4"W * 28-5/8"H


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      Product Model SE-MWEP1236
      Demo ScheduleRelating this typical remodel schedule to staged work is a challenging proposition. Typically, the demo goes first, but what if this remodel is going to take place over a few years? You need to give extra thought to this step and possibly complete demo work in its own stages. For instance, if your remodel involves expanding the size of your kitchen, you may be able to totally demolish the relevant exterior wall only after the foundation and framing stages are completed outside. You will likely not want to demo all the interior cabinets initially if you are planning to rough-in (complete framing and roofing to waterproof condition) the new space in one step and then wait to save up for the subsequent step. If that’s the case, you should save everything you possibly can in your existing kitchen, leaving it usable for the wait between.Take-away: If you have kept your staged remodel simple, you want to make sure not to execute demo until absolutely necessary. Don’t demo the floor until the new floor is ready to install. The same goes for cabinets, countertops and anything else you are planning to replace. Painting ScheduleThere is some debate about painting when it comes to the schedule. Some like to bring the painter in at the end of the job. The painter comes in once, tapes and protects finishes and executes the job. We typically bring the painter on the job in at least two stages: first, to prime and paint walls and ceiling, and then, after flooring, to paint or stain wood trim and put a second finish coat on walls.The size of your job may give you the answer on this. If the remodel is small and simple, it can make sense to skip the first painter step and bring your painter in at the end of the job.Another consideration is the cabinet finish. If you are refinishing existing cabinets, your painter may be able to remove drawers and doors and refinish them in the shop, leaving your kitchen mostly usable in the process. In that case, the painter would only refinish the cabinet frames on the job. Take-away: In a simple, more manageable staged remodel, it can make sense to complete the painting as a final step on the job.