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    Pantry Cabinet Single Door (SE-PC1896)


    $839.24/ Piece


    18"W * 24"D * 96"H


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      Product Model SE-PC1896
      Particleboard’s draw is its low price.  Made from pressed bits of wood bound together with adhesives, particleboard can be covered with a veneer of wood or melamine, or a paper veneer printed to look like wood. The interior can be white or a wood tone. The downside to particleboard is that it can be sensitive to moisture and is more prone to coming apart at stress points — where hardware is screwed in, for instance.  Ask about how the veneer will hold up with small amounts of water (glasses not completely dried, for instance) or something more serious, like a spill that sits for a while.  Some cabinet manufacturers, like Canyon Creek, regularly have the particleboard they use tested for performance, so ask if there are different grades of material from which to select, and what you can expect in terms of durability. On boxes that will have European-style doors and drawers (where the doors and drawers completely cover the box — also known as full overlay), making sure the box is completely square is essential.  That can be accomplished with a clamping system, or in a custom shop by using individual clamps.  This ensures that when the fasteners are installed, the box will be perfectly square.