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    Pantry Cabinet Single Door (SE-PC1890)


    $800.4/ Piece


    18"W * 24"D * 90"H


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      Product Model SE-PC1890
      Many custom cabinet shops don’t do any finishing, or else they finish with just a stain and a conversion varnish, which is a typical finish for cabinet interiors and for the finished surfaces of stain-grade cabinets. Thus, when painted cabinets are ordered from a custom shop, they often need to be sent to a separate finisher, who preps the cabinets for paint and sprays or brushes on the finish coats. While you might assume that a painted cabinet would be the least expensive option, when you order one through a custom shop, the cost of the cabinet plus the painting is often more than a stain-grade cabinet finished with a clear coat. Custom-painted cabinets are beautiful, but they are generally not the lower-priced option. Paint application methods. One additional consideration is how the paint is applied. It can be sprayed or back-brushed. While a sprayed finish is the best way to get a consistent, smooth surface, it is also extremely difficult to touch up with a brush. If you think you may want to touch up the cabinets over time, make sure to get the paint formulation and details, and consider asking for a brushed finish so that your future touch-ups improve the situation instead of making it worse. Keep in mind that even with these steps, the paint color may change subtly over time, so you may need to do a new color match for touch-ups.