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    Pantry Cabinet Double Door (SE-PC2496)


    $994.44/ Piece


    24"W * 24"D * 96"H


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      Product Model SE-PC2496
      Painting furniture can be a little bit tricky and messy, and the result can look far from spotless if you rush it. First, take your piece of furniture to a well-ventilated, well-lit space, and make sure there is plenty of space to walk around it while it’s drying. Remove any knobs, handles, drawers and even doors if you can. Use painter’s tape to mask areas you do not wish to paint, such as glass on doors.Next, prepare the furniture. No matter how much the paint packaging claims sanding is optional, be sure to sand your piece of furniture thoroughly. Even if you can apply paint without sanding, doing so will  improve the longevity of your work. After sanding, clean your piece to remove any wood dust particles. Depending on the paint you choose, and what the furniture surface is like, choose whether to use a primer before applying two coats of your finishing paint. Start by painting the frame. Then proceed with painting doors and drawers. Always make sure the paint is fully dry — not just touch dry — before you put the piece back in place. You can also paint the backs of your cabinets. For a nice professional finish, remove the shelves if possible, and apply painter’s tape to the frames and other surfaces you do not wish to paint. As I have an unsteady hand, I tend to opt for a wide tape — that way even if my brush slips a bit, my cabinets are still protected.This kitchen scheme goes the extra mile, with a painted panel of sunny yellow above a white-tiled backsplash. This simple DIY trick really adds dimension to the kitchen.