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    Pantry Cabinet Double Door (SE-PC3684)


    $1198.2/ Piece


    36"W * 24"D * 84"H


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      Product Model SE-PC3684
      Semicustom CabinetsSemicustom cabinets are more widely used than any other cabinet type. Companies such as Ikea, Home Depot, Lowe’s and many others offer various cabinet lines with numerous options. This semicustomizable nature simplifies both the design and manufacturing processes, providing sound function and acceptable versatility for many homeowners.Semicustom cabinets probably won’t last as long as custom cabinets. On the flip side, I’ve seen older custom cabinets removed to make way for semicustom cabinets in a newly remodeled kitchen. Sometimes the style of the cabinet becomes obsolete (or at least out of favor) before the functional capacity fails. This is perhaps the most obvious advantage of semicustom cabinets. If a future owner is likely to remodel the kitchen 20 years from now, why pay extra for cabinets built to last longer than that?I will say from a personal perspective that the sturdier, more substantial characteristics of custom cabinets can be felt when living in the space and using the cabinets every day. However, the difference sometimes isn’t apparent upon a cursory observation. Face-Frame ConstructionFramed cabinets use a face frame consisting of stiles (running vertically) and rails (running horizontally) to cover the cabinet box. This is the most traditional construction type. Standard overlay doors, inset doors and full overlay doors are the typical methods of setting the cabinet doors, and each method impacts the look and style of your cabinets. Standard overlay is usually the least expensive method, but the technique has become somewhat dated. Full overlay doors provide a clean look similar to that offered in frameless construction.The doors on the face-framed cabinets above are inset, meaning the door face is set to sit flush with the face frame. This is a premium style that takes more careful planning and execution, and costs more than most other styles. The authentic look is clean-lined, fitting modern aesthetics as well as  more traditional sensibilities with its visible face-frame construction.