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    30" Height Double Doors Wall Cabinet (SE-W3330)


    $315.32/ Piece


    33"W * 30"H * 12"D


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      Product Model SE-W3330
      “When we start planning a space, we establish the command position of the room, and everything is derived from that point,” Grey says. “I have quite an extended design philosophy, and my first instinct is always to work out the driving position of the room.” It’s all about eye contact and sociability, something Grey calls instinct-based design — design tailored to meet instinctive needs. In this kitchen the command position is behind the island, as the person standing there can see both “legs” of the L-shaped space. This command position determined where the different areas would be. The kitchen area is in the center to ensure that the cook is fully involved, the home office is at the end of the corridor, and the conservatory–dining area is in front of the island. The initial phases of his projects are all about the planning, layout, shape and function of the room, Grey says. “Then a visual architect comes in and we brainstorm colors, surfaces, textures … and in a miraculous way, you end up with a design on your hands.”