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    Wall Blind Cabinet (SE-WBC2730)


    $388.08/ Piece


    27"W * 30H" * 12"D


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      Product Model SE-WBC2730
      Advantages: Concrete's durability is unquestionable. And options beyond the industrial aesthetic are easy with shapes and additives like stains, pigments, aggregates and coatings. Architects and designers favor this material's ability to unite with other concrete elements in the home, like floors. And because the counters are handmade by artisans, you can easily have details such as integral drainboards.Disadvantages: It's not unusual for concrete, especially when cast in place, to develop tiny hairline cracks as a result of curing and settling. The cracks are typically not structural. Maintenance: As with most countertops, a mild soap and a cloth are all that should be used for routine cleanup. Be sure to avoid harsh cleansers.The long-term enjoyment of your concrete counter depends on finding the right sealer. Sealers are available in either penetrating or topical:Penetrating sealers soak into the concrete and are barely detectable once dry.  They don't protect the concrete from contact with spills but do inhibit spills from penetrating.  Unfortunately, this means that spills can leave a lasting stain or mark more easily than on concrete sealed with a topical sealer.Topical sealers, such as wax, urethane, acrylic and epoxy, coat the surface of the concrete and vary in their look and performance.  Epoxy and urethane sealers are thick, glossy and often obvious.  Wax, while handsome and easy for the DIYer, performs poorly as a sealer.  Acrylic coatings look and perform fairly well but scratch easily.While the Concrete Countertop Institute acknowledges that there is no ideal sealer, it has a handy chart to help you find the sealer that will best meet your expectations.It's worth understanding that while concrete is nearly indestructible, the sealer is not. The sealer can be compromised by surface cutting, harsh cleansers, hot pans,\ and acidic foods. With care and the use of cutting boards and trivets, you can keep your sealer in good shape, thereby reducing the potential for staining and harboring germs.