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    42" Height Double Doors Wall Cabinet (SE-W2742)


    $349.28/ Piece


    27"W * 42"H * 12"D


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      Product Model SE-W2742
      You’re probably wondering what to do when spaghetti sauce splatters on unsealed brick veneer. Cleaning is easy, but there are some strict guidelines to follow. “It’s very important not to use an acid-based cleaner, any sort of power washing, sandblasting or a wire brush,” Knannlein says. This is because these items can potentially remove the base color on the veneer. “We recommend using a granulated soap like laundry detergent mixed with water and scrubbing with a stiff-bristled brush,” she says. “We also recommend using one part vinegar to five parts water.”The bottom line is to check the product manufacturer’s installation and cleaning guides. Most of them have this information posted on their websites, or it’s available via their customer service departments. Dennee has discovered some installation tricks for making veneer look like real brick. “In terms of pulling off this look, I think the biggest thing is to use the brick from inside corner to inside corner and from the countertop all the way to the bottom of the cabinet or ceiling,” he says. “To truly suggest a convincing brick wall upon which the cabinets were hung, you need to eliminate revealing that the material is a veneer — ending the brick on an inside corner, and never and outside corner, is part of this.”