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    36" Height Single Door Wall Cabinet (SE-W0936)


    $164.92/ Piece


    9"W * 36"H * 12"D


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      Product Model SE-W0936
      Why the design works: “Since the residence has a very clean, modern aesthetic, the new kitchen design needed to reflect this same aesthetic. Clean, contemporary, uncluttered yet provide normal kitchen functions and allow for interaction with guests. Once the office area was removed, the new kitchen space became a clean white box within which the kitchen cabinetry could be displayed like the artwork in the rest of the residence.”What wasn’t working: “The main challenge for this kitchen was my client’s request for no upper cabinetry. All his dishes and glassware had to find a new storage location, so a bank of tall cabinets was placed along one side for this purpose. Since this bank of cabinets were shallow, 12 inches deep, they did not encroach into the main kitchen space too much, and actually make it easier to store and retrieve items.”What goes on here: “The kitchen was designed for normal daily preparations of meals, as well as for entertaining family and friends in a relaxed Palm Springs environment.” Who uses it: “The kitchen was designed for a single bachelor, an entertainment professional who lives in Vancouver, Canada, during the summer and fall and lives in Palm Springs during the winter and spring. My client has frequent houseguests that congregate in the kitchen for coffee and breakfast in the mornings and for drinks in the late afternoon. “The kitchen is located adjacent to sliding doors that allow direct access to the pool and outdoor entertaining areas. He has a frenetic life and likes the relaxed lifestyle that his Palm Springs residence and his new kitchen afford him. It has become a gathering place for local, and not-so-local, family and friends to congregate at.”Designer secret: “Don’t be afraid to eliminate upper cabinetry in a kitchen. Tall or short, shallow cabinetry can accomplish the same task. I find clients are wanting to introduce more artwork into their kitchens, and by freeing up coveted wall space, they can personalize their kitchens with artwork rather than having banks of cabinets above their countertops.” 2. Warm ContemporaryDesigner: Diann Saviano of Via Builders Inc.Location: Saratoga, CaliforniaKitchen size: About 350 square feet (32.5 square meters)Island size: 4 feet, 6 inches by 7 feet (1.3 by 2.1 meters)Homeowners’ request: “They wanted a bright and airy space, with a great room fit for a family,” interior designer Diann Saviano says. “Most importantly, they really wanted lots of natural light.”Plan of attack: “Ralph Saviano, the owner of Via Builders, who designed and built the house, wanted to bring in as much natural light as possible without exposing this space too much to the neighbors. So he incorporated the clerestory windows above cabinets as well as the exposed windows coming from the right peak of the ceiling, making the shape of the ceiling very unique and modern. He beautifully designed the windows so you see the trees but not the neighbor’s home. He took advantage of the pretty trees on the side of the house that made for pretty scenery when looking through the windows. “As for the kitchen cabinet design and colors, it was a collaboration of ideas with the homeowners, me and Ralph. The homeowners are not afraid to use color, as you can see in the images of the rest of the house. This is something I love about them. They always envisioned that back wall to be a fun accent wall with a bright color, so we kept that in the back of our minds when we were designing the cabinets. As we started to think through the finish colors for the cabinetry and were considering the dark blue for the island, orange was a natural fit for a complementary color scheme. We let the design evolve as we tackled each space. Then we worked the countertop colors and backsplash from the cabinet colors selected, keeping in mind the blue island and orange accent  wall.”